What’s Up Hong Kong?

Find out what’s happening in Hong Kong each week with your host, Travis Jones, and meet some of Hong Kong’s most illustrious and industrious movers and shakers. They will tell us all about what they’re up to as we explore all the events and activities taking place in Hong Kong.

After we interview our guest, stick around and listen as we play a game of What’s Up (or Down) Hong Kong? to find out more about them.

Our Old News section goes over some of the current events that happened in Hong Kong over the past week.

Then the Ten Events section will explore some of the cool activities and events coming up in the city in the coming week.

Finally, join us for a fun game of 5Q to test the knowledge of our weekly guests!

Newest Episode!

WUHK Bonusode #3 – Radio Pilot Project

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WUHK Archived Episodes

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