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Long time friends Felix Tsang and Charlotte Raybaud meet every week to have a chat about Hong Kong, and they make up the team behind a new podcast show called Dear HK. On their show they talk about what they love to do in the city, what they get up to on a day-to-day basis and silly things they encounter and notice. Though the show is not quintessentially ‘Hong Kong’–after all, the pair of them have only relatively recently come back!–it does cover many aspects of life here. They can’t help themselves! But, this can be an easy listen even if you’re out of town. They operate under the guise of being funny, so sit back, kick your feet up, and have a good laugh with them (or at them!) They release weekly episodes on Wednesdays.

Newest Episode

Dear HK Episode 27 – Weird News, Steel of Man, and Mark Haddon

Past Episodes

Dear HK Episode 26 – Long-Haul Traveling

Dear HK Episode 25 – We’re Getting Old – Part 2 (GUEST: Travis Jones of

Dear HK Episode 24 – We’re Getting Old – Part 1 (GUEST: Travis Jones of

Dear HK Episode 23 – Nightlife Journalism (GUEST: Andrea Lo from HK Magazine)

Dear HK Episode 22 – All Things Film! – Part 2 (GUEST: James Marsh from

Dear HK Episode 21 – All Things Film! – Part 1 (GUEST: James Marsh from

Dear HK Episode 20 – Zombie Apocalypse

Dear HK Episode 19 – Oh Balls!!

Dear HK Episode 18- Totally Spaced Out

Dear HK Episode Archive

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